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born 1984 in Cologne, high school degree in 2003
graduated 2015 in media arts at Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
email: julius©urgu⋅de

I am an artist exploring how light and color change perception of space. I have also been developing works to deploy in public spaces. My installations involve appropriating electronic products as well as designing and building lights and circuitry. Most works bring Art and Science together, installations resemble open experimental setups more than they are traditional, closed artworks. Making the visitors notice and contemplate perception is a key aspect. In times of digital media the question of how the virtual and the real world are to be seperated, and how they influence each other.


My work was displayed at MIT (Cambridge, USA), Center for holographic Art (New York), at Kai10 (Düsseldorf), at Badischer Kunstverein (Karlsruhe) and the Hyogo Prefectural Museum (Kobe, Japan). In 2014 I was amongst the nominees for the International Light Art Award.

“Meet the Artists” Video (in german)



  • Cologne, Bunker k101, tech@art Festival, RGBlaster II
  • Cologne, Moltkerei Werkstatt, N/Or performance/light installation, with P. Herrlein & B. Nampé
  • Cologne, Katalyst Festival, “Musical Squares” live light projection
  • New York City, Holocenter, Waveforms Hologram
  • Cologne, Kunstraum Anakoluth, Licht und Glas, Neon Collages


  • Cologne, Quartier am Hafen, “Musical Squares”, live light projection
  • Cologne, Q18 Art Space, See Smoke Happening, with M. Schmitt
  • New York City, HoloCenter, Waveforms Hologram




  • London, Gallery 286, group show with 3D Capsicum
  • Cologne, Studiobühne, “Motorchestra“, Live Video Projection
  • New York, Destination Moon Festival – Solar Powered Turntable
  • New York, Center for holographic Art, “Existence:Coexistince” group show – Randomly Flipped Switches
  • Los Angeles, LTD Gallery, “Holograms for Aliens to land on” group show
  • New York, Flux Factory, Artist in Residency
  • Oberhausen, kitev – Einstein Rosen Brücke (with M. Schmitt)






Studio Space supported by

 Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Cologne