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Film-to-Photo work with a camera pan shot from a Fritz Lang movie. The print is mounted in front of indirect lights, and gets only little illumination to its front to create high contrast.

Video-to-Photo Work, based on a fritz lang movie \"M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder\"


Die Stroboskopische Diaprojektion

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“Die Stroboskopische Diaprojektion” (stroboscopic slide projection), light installation with 3 modified slide projectors. The images are found footage.


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“Zauberwald” (Magic Forest) is a small web application in which i have put several small images and videos. A random selection is presented every time you reload the page. Small “x” in a grid of many are the links to the footage.

See the project online here: urgu.de/zauberwald

Don’t get lost …

Tüte voll Bunt (bag full of colors)

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(bag full of color), with Birgit Rüberg, 2005

“Tüte voll Bunt” (1&2) Lightobject, Multiple, 2005
Tüte 1 (color by switch) : Edition of 20
Tüte 2 (color changes): Edition of 50
Cooperative work with Birgit Rüberg

Licht hören, Ton sehen

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“Licht hören, Ton sehen” (hear light, see sound) was a collaborative work with Manfred a.k.a. “Ketonge” from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. He did real-time sound collage, while i was running a light installation which gathered data from the sound to control 8 RGB LED fixtures.

Picture One of Two

Picture Two of Two

Protected: Übung (practice)

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A web project where you can rent an ape. Sorry, in german only.