massive copyright infringement (for pink noise salon)

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Pink Tube small


with misha rabinovich. shown at pink noise salon, flux factory 2014

a number of random youtube clips (first 15 seconds each) is played back, 9 clips simultaneous, with the audio mix fed into a spectrum analyzer. in result, the analyzer shows the characteristics of pink noise

dancing tree

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The Palm Tree is triggered by a motion sensor, which lights up the LED powered tree as soon as someone moves in front of the piece. Continuous triggering (dancing, jumping, waving..) will soon start an animation: first in brightness of the tree, then the “disco mode” will engage. When interaction stops, or someone just passed by, the tree goes back to the dimmer state.
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Kosmetischer Eingriff

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kosmetischer-eingriffLight Intervention in all four elevators at Mannesmann Building, Düsseldorf

Kosmetisch – translates into cosmetic, it is referring to the range of filters being used to alter the light in the elevators. These color gels in different shades make nice skintones, except for the green one. For the installation, two elevators have been changed to a greenish color (on the north side of the building), two have been changed to a warm red tone (on the south side).

Eingriff – this german word translates both into intervention and surgery. Not given this context, people might expect to see something related to cosmetic surgery.

Massive Copyright Infringement

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massive copyright infringement

Random Video Collage based on Youtube Footage
A computer script generates random youTube IDs, those cryptic, unique strings which identify each video on youTube. Most of them don’t lead to content, some of them do- these videos are rendered into a collage of up to eight clips playing simultaneous.


part of “Shortcuts” Screening,
January 14th through 19th, starting after dusk
Hallmackenreuther, Brüsseler Platz 9, Köln

Einstein Rosen Brücke

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Einstein Rosen Brücke, with M. Schmitt
shown at kitev, Oberhausen

Based on found footage video from a outdoor model train track in Arizona, a connection between the location and time of the recording, and the exhibiton space, is created. When the train inside the video goes into a tunnel, the screen goes black, and a real model train appears shortly next to the monitor.

Randomly Flipped Switches

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Light Installation for “Interference:Coexistence”, a show by the Center for Holographics Arts, NYC

Fluorescent tubes are hanging vertical in the windows above the entrance. Static noise is captured by a tiny microcontroller, which generates truly random numbers from the sampled information. A simple logic determines which output’s state is to be inverted- the tubes turn on and off.

the solar turntable

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For the Destination Moon Festival for solar-based Art and Music, a solar powered turntable had been built. While the sun provided energy to run the machine, records were played on the street in front of the festival. This lead to interaction not only with visitors to the festival, but people from the street which were passing by the artwork.


The work was mentioned in the wall street journal online here. update: behind paywall :(