remarkable switching operation

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from the 6th of july on, as part of the “sommerloch wuppertal” festival, a light installation is on view from dusk until dawn. on two facades of an old factory building, lights have been installed and are being switched on and off by a tiny computer running a self-written program. with this software, the lights are not controlled by  any kind of system, it is a loop of random decisions, which sometimes have no effect at all, as these decisions are made without regard to the current output.

The following pictures show the installation with all channels in the “on” state.






except for the tiny computer controlling, all materials (lights, wood, etc.) have been recycled from the old building.

Vater Rhein

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“Vater Rhein”, hand-colorized Stereophotography

Using found footage dating back to 1903

Shown at Beyond Festival, HfG Karlsruhe


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3D capsicum

3D capsicum

with Amy Rush

r g b

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march 11th – april 15th 2011

at ArToll, Bedburg-Hau, NRW, Germany

see the invite (pdf)

"r g b", installation view, ArToll, Germany

“r g b”, installation view, ArToll, Germany

"r g b", view from the outside at ArToll Kunstlabor

“r g b”, view from the outside at ArToll Kunstlabor

Three identical rooms in a former mental institution have been converted into rooms of color. Cleaned out more than 15 years ago and since used as an art space, both uses are still visible- In terms of architecture, being a room more similar to a jail cell than a patient’s chamber, and in terms of visible traces of art that had been installed there before.

At Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg

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On January 28th, two recent works were shown during an evening at Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg in Delmenhorst, Germany. I had been invited because of my works at the “Below Zero” exhibition in Düsseldorf last year. It was a good match since one of their fields of research is in the field of human perception.

at Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg

Due to the size and it’s demanding hunger for electricity, i could not show “RGBlaster” itself. Instead, I presented a 3 channel video based on the installation, one screen documenting the installation as seen last year in Kai10, one screen showing a minute of how the camera perceived the installation, and one screen showing a simulation of what the human eye would have seen instead.
Also, I gave the audience a sneak preview of my latest piece “Kelvin”.

below zero

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on Friday, September 10, 2010 at 8 p.m.

Welcome: Monika Schnetkamp, Arthena Foundation
Introduction: Julia Höner, KAI 10
Sound Performance by PYROLATOR starting 9 p.m.

DURATION:                       September 11-19, 2010, daily 12-5 p.m.
LIGHT IN DARKNESS:     Saturday, September 18, 2010, 7-2 p.m.
The exhibition in KAI 10 will be open at the same time ZERO foundation’s Light in Darkness (address: Zollhof 11)
Sound performance by PYROLATOR at midnight

The title of the exhibition refers to the location and name of the study project Minus1, which was initiated by Düsseldorf artist and Professor for Media Art Mischa Kuball as an experimental laboratory at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Together with Minus1 artists Tobias Daemgen, Moritz Ellerich, und Julius Schmiedel, Mischa Kuball will set up an exhibition that connects light and space, while at the same time focusing on the fleeting nature and semantic mutability of light. The ideas of the Düsseldorf-based artists’ group ZERO reverberate throughout the exhibition forging connections between historical and contemporary artistic experiments with light.

For the first time, KAI 10 and the Arthena Foundation will cooperate with the ZERO foundation, Düsseldorf, in presenting Light in Darkness, a series of artistic interventions, lectures and discussions revolving around the heritage of ZERO, on September 18, 2010. In conjunction with Light in Darkness, KAI 10 will be open till 2 a.m. The artists’ light experiments at KAI 10 will build a thematic bridge between both places in the course of this special night of light and art at Düsseldorf’s MediaHarbour. During the opening of below zero and on the occasion of Light in Darkness, KAI 10 will present a musical performance by PYROLATOR, which will involve a combination of light, movement, sound, and visuals.

photo credit: Claus Lange

precarious switching operation

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Labour has been brought back to the old workshop. Even from the courtyard you would hear the huge relays which have been taken out of the old production facilites. They’re being busy in memory of busy times- a signal to a country where less and less goods are getting produced.

All parts used in the installation were stripped out of the old building.

The installation is part of a group show called “minus eins im exil”, a project with many other students of khm/mins-1 at “sommerloch wuppertal”.