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Mixed Media, 2018

Edition of 5 + 2 AP

The kinetic light object refers not only in its title to a popular theme of Victor Vasarelys Work, a flat object seeming to have depth in space due to its shading of the colours being used.

Made from 3D printed plastic, the object is lit up from the inside using RGB light diodes which are animated through an internal microprocessor. The design of the object, electronics and programming have been done by Julius Schmiedel himself, after reverse engineering the original works by Vasarely.

When plugged in, the object will randomly light up in one of 360 different colours. First seen as flat while all fields have the same luminosity, it then animates into a the state seen in the picture, where the different shades of the colour make it appear like a 3-dimensional surface. It will then cycle between the flat and the recessed state.


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Computer generated, selectevly 3D-printed Crystals

lit up by computer controlled LEDs

Edition of Five, one available

Lichttürmchen, 2014

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wood, metal, plexi, colored leds

Edition of 3, shown at Kunstraum Anakoluth

Light-Photo-Boxes, 2010

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Firenze, 2010, uv-print on glass, lit by LED




Lesvos, 2010, uv-print on glass, lit by LED




Munich, 2010, uv-print on glass, lit by LED




Havana, 2010, uv-print on glass, lit by LED (in private collection)


shown 2010 at Galerie Frenhofer, Berlin


Neon Collages, 2010

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enjoy, 2010, modified neon sign

in private collection, shown at Galerie Frenhofer, Berlin



(welcome to) las vegas, 2010, modified neon sign

available, shown at Walpoden Akademie, Mainz, and Galerie Frenhofer, Berlin



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IMG_7754 IMG_7768 IMG_7779

paper, color changing led. edition of 50, available

A collaboration with Birgit Rüberg