Einstein Rosen Brücke

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Einstein Rosen Brücke

Installation with Michael Schmitt

at Kunstraum Anakoluth, Köln, Hermeskeiler Platz

Video also available in german, featuring the audio guide from the exhibiton.

A model train makes an nearly impossible jump through space and time.

Einstein Rosen Brücke

September 7th, 2013   -  Share/Link/Bookmark

Einstein Rosen Brücke, with M. Schmitt
shown at kitev, Oberhausen

Based on found footage video from a outdoor model train track in Arizona, a connection between the location and time of the recording, and the exhibiton space, is created. When the train inside the video goes into a tunnel, the screen goes black, and a real model train appears shortly next to the monitor.

Einstein-Rosen-Brücke – Brink Ereignis

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Einstein-Rosen-Bridge at “Brink Ereignis – Zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst” (Brink Magazine Event – Between Science and Art), Wuppertal 22nd of June 2012. With Michael Schmitt

Einstein Rosen Brücke

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In an empty shop window, two different realities are combined: One taking place in the TV, showing a youtube-clip of the longest outdoor model train ride. The other is seen in the back of the shop, real model train tracks. When the train in the TV dissapears in a tunnel, the screen goes blank and a train is taking one round in the shop, with the video continuing after the real train is gone again. A collaboration with Michael Schmitt. And here is some video documentation: