a blink

shown 17th – 22nd of July 2014, at GOLD+BETON, Cologne 1) “RGBlaster”, version of 2014, 3 Strobe lights filtered Red, Green and Blue The strobe lights are set to the slowest flash rate, which due to manufacturing differences is not exactly the same. Sometimes two or all three strobes fire at the same time, resulting… Continue reading a blink

RGBlaster at “Reflexionen”

RGBlaster made another appearance at “Kobe Biennale 2011”, at the japan-based Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art. It is part of an exhibition making a connection between the japanese group of “Gutai” and the german “Zero”, both showing the original artists of those groups, and two positions of younger artist in one show. The exhibition was on… Continue reading RGBlaster at “Reflexionen”

At Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg

On January 28th, two recent works were shown during an evening at Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg in Delmenhorst, Germany. I had been invited because of my works at the “Below Zero” exhibition in Düsseldorf last year. It was a good match since one of their fields of research is in the field of human perception. Due to… Continue reading At Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg

below zero

MISCHA KUBALL TOBIAS DAEMGEN/MORITZ ELLERICH JULIUS SCHMIEDEL on Friday, September 10, 2010 at 8 p.m. Welcome: Monika Schnetkamp, Arthena Foundation Introduction: Julia Höner, KAI 10 Sound Performance by PYROLATOR starting 9 p.m. DURATION:                       September 11-19, 2010, daily 12-5 p.m. LIGHT IN DARKNESS:     Saturday, September 18, 2010, 7-2 p.m. The exhibition in KAI 10 will be… Continue reading below zero


This Work is based on the limitations of the human visual perceptive system. The primary colors red, green and blue are flashing up to illuminate the room with more than 100 flashes per second. The human perception is mixing these colors into white, but as the strobes aren’t synchronized, there are moments of a destinct… Continue reading RGBlaster