Flamingo Flock

As a continuation of my project of bringing radioactive ducks to europe, i started to build radioactive flamingos for new york.

They containt electronics from a solar garden light, so they charge during the day, and start glowing their eyes at night. Here in the US, the flamingos are the equivalent to the projects with plastic ducks in germany, people put them in their yard, as there are no real animals to adore.



Being very light and colorful, those nine flamingos will be spread over Queens and Brooklyn, soon. In reproduction of those shoes hanging in the streets power supply lines, the flamingos will be cable-tied to be both visible and almost untouchable.

When the flamingos get installed in the streets of NYC, there will be an online map available, to find the spots where they are to be seen.





Update of Summer 2012: All but one Flamingo have left the roof- current locations unknown.