At Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg

On January 28th, two recent works were shown during an evening at Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg in Delmenhorst, Germany. I had been invited because of my works at the “Below Zero” exhibition in Düsseldorf last year. It was a good match since one of their fields of research is in the field of human perception.

at Hanse Wissenschafts-Kolleg

Due to the size and it’s demanding hunger for electricity, i could not show “RGBlaster” itself. Instead, I presented a 3 channel video based on the installation, one screen documenting the installation as seen last year in Kai10, one screen showing a minute of how the camera perceived the installation, and one screen showing a simulation of what the human eye would have seen instead.
Also, I gave the audience a sneak preview of my latest piece “Kelvin”.